Veterinary Handling

Environment Changes Normally Will Create A Stressful Situation To All Living Species, Especially For Pets. The Level Of Stress Experienced By The Pets During The Relocation Processes Or Travelling Couldn’t Be Expressed By Words. Since It Is Something That Unavoidable And Couldn’t Be Eliminated 100%, We At Global Cargo Services Sdn Bhd (GCS), Would Ensure Your Beloved Pet’s Stress Level Within The Healthy Level For Them To Travel. GCS For This Purposes, Will Engage The Professional Veterinary And Nurses To Provide The Best Care For Your Pet.

General Procedures

  1. Need To Get An Appointment With The Veterinary Officers 3 Working Days In Advance From Veterinary Department For The Pet’s Health Examination.
  2. Send The Pet To The Veterinary Doctor According To The Appointment Date That Was Given.
  3. Apply Export Permit With Pet’s Full Details (Identification Card).
  4. Collect The Health Certificate And The Export Permit Once The Approval Has Been Given By The Veterinary Department.

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