What We Do

Global Cargo Services Sdn Bhd Is A One Stop Centre For All Your Pets Needs. We Providing Best Caring Services To All Types Of Pets Together With Veterinary Services As Well. We Are Operating 365 Days With 24 Hours Services Internationally, Based At Malaysia’s Gateway, KLIA.

  • Live Pets Import And Export
  • International Freight For Pet Consignment’s
  • Customs Clearance & Documentation
  • Permit Applications
  • Worldwide Pet Relocation Services
  • Veterinary Services
  • MAQIS And Quarantine Handling
  • Free Consultancy And Quotation

Pets Relocation

Absolutely We Will Take Care Of Your BeLoved Pets.

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Veterinary Handling

We Engaged With Professional Veterinarian To Provide Best Service.

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Export Procedures

  1. Contact Global Cargo Services Sdn Bhd At 06-850 3095 For Assistance.
  2. Prepare All The Necessary Documents.
  3. Check-In Your Pet At Airport Animal Hotel For Departure Of The Consignment.

  1. Health Certificate Must Produce The Original Certificate, Issued By Either Private Or Government Veterinarian, With The Declaration That 'The Pet Is Healthy And Free From Any Contagious Or Infectious Disease At The Time Of Inspection'. It’s A Mandatory Requirement For Importing Or Exporting Pets In Malaysia.
    Kindly Take Note That The Validity For The Certification Is Only 7 Days.
  2. Export Permit Must Get It From Department Of Veterinary Services Malaysia.
  3. Import Permit Must Get It From The Country That Importing The Pets. Shippers Are Required To Produce The Fax Copy Of The Import Permit.
  4. Rabies Vaccination Certification (If Required)
  5. Microchip Number Some Countries Require Microchip To Be Implanted On Live Animals Before Importation Took Place E.G. Hong Kong.
  1. Cage Must Be Suitable And Comfortable For The Pet/Animal. For Example, Pet/Animal Must Have Enough Space To Turn About, Stand, Sit Erect, And Lie Down In A Natural Position.
  2. Water Container Is A Must With Outside Access For Refilling.
  3. Food Containers Must Be Present Either Within The Container, If Sealed Or Attached To It, In Case Of Any Flight Delay.

If Your Pet Dog Is A Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, East European Shepherd, Bull Mastiff Or Bull Terrier, You Will Need To Write-In An Application Letter To The Director Of State Veterinary Services (State Dvs) In Malaysia, To Approve Your Pet’s Relocation.

Banned Breeds
American Pit Bull Pit Bull Terrier
Pit Bull American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier American Bulldog
Neapolitan Mastiff Japanese Tosa
Akita Dogo Argentino
Fila Braziliero

Import Procedures

  1. Must Get The Import Permit From Malaysian Department Of Veterinary Services (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan) And Fax It To The Country Of Origin Before Departure.
  2. Must Agree To Accept Shipment Before Booking Can Be Confirmed. (Airport Animal Hotel Will Contact Consignee).
  3. GCS Will Proceed With Custom Clearance And Quarantine Services.

  1. Health Certificate
    An Original Certificate, Issued By A Private Or Government Veterinarian, Stating That “The Pet Is Healthy And Free From Any Contagious Or Infectious Disease At The Time Of Inspection” Is Required For All Pet/S Entering/Leaving Malaysia. Please Note That The Certification Is Only Valid For 7 Days.
  2. Import permit
    Must Get It From Malaysian Department Of Veterinary Services, And Faxed Over To Country Of Origin.
  3. Export Permit
    Must Get It From Country Of Origin.
  1. Dogs Or Cats Must Be Above Than 3 Months Old At The Time Of Importation.
  2. Importation Must Be Accompanied By A Valid Import Permit Issued By The Department Of Quarantine And Inspection Services Malaysia (MAQIS).
  3. Importation Must Be Accompanied By A Veterinary Health Certificate Issued By The Exporting National Veterinary Authority. Export Procedures Must Be Made Within 7 Days Of Issuance Of SKV.
  4. Dogs Or Cats Must Be Fitted With Microchip Identification That Complies With Iso Standards (Std 11784 & 11785).
  5. For Importation Of Restricted Breeders, Please Get The Approval From The Director General Of MAQIS Before Applying For A Permit.
  6. Vaccination Record Book Or Pet Passport Must Include Information On The Vaccination History, The Types Of Treatment Given And The Current Health Condition Of The Dog Or Cat.
  7. The Quarantine Periods Are Different According To The Exporting Country. All Dogs Or Cats Are Required To Go Through The Quarantine Procedures At The Animal Quarantine Station Upon Arrival In Malaysia.
  8. Animal Consignment Must Be Taken By Plane Or Other Type Of Transportation Directly To A Designated Landing Place In Malaysia.
(Please Refer To The Cats And Dog Import Protocol Issued By The Department Of Veterinary Services Malaysia For More Information On These Requirements At

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